Deloitte Persona

The data on this site is for private commercial use for the purpose of administration of human resources including but not limited to management of staff hiring, provision of pay slips and holiday and absence management. Access to this site is restricted to authorized users only.

All data processed by the site is subject to a strict data protection policy. Security measures are in place to protect all data against alteration, loss, misuse and unauthorized access.

In the event that you believe data to be incorrect please submit a request within the application which clearly indicates the data that should be changed and the necessary update.

If you wish to obtain a complete copy of the data relating to you or request for the deletion of that data please contact a member of the Human Resources team in your organization. Data will be retained for the duration of the contract and/or as required by applicable laws.

As part of our continuous improvements to protect your data, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is required for this application. MFA is a security feature that requires from non-Deloitte professionals an additional authentication after they enter their username and password. You will be able to select which method to use - mobile application, text message, or phone call - as part of your enrollment.

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